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Meet the authors and channels of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine and Light Technology Publishing. Learn about their lives and their dedication to delivering ever-expanding wisdom from the Natural World on Earth and the cosmic beyond.

Episode 10: Rae Chandran - Author, Channel, Healer

At an early age, Rae Chandran was very angry at God. He refused to believe that his family had to stay poor and suffer because of the discriminatory religious and cultural system he was born into. As a result, unlike millions of spiritual seekers that make the pilgrimage to India every year to find “the truth,” Rae couldn’t wait to find the answers as far away from his homeland as possible. So at the earliest opportunity, he departed his country and his way of life, which quickly earned him the title of black sheep of the family. His journey led him to America, by way of Hong Kong, and after exploring a series of spiritual books, several teachers, and a bit of a rug-pulling romance, he landed in Japan – hungry and homeless. Find out how Rae followed his instincts and turned it all around in a big, big way. Podcast Produced by Eileen Meyer/Light Technology Publishing

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Rae Chandran’s Books at Light Technology Publishing

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Rae Chandran’s Website

Transition music provided by Peter Sterling, “Arc of the Angels” from the companion CD to his book Hearing the Angels Sing


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