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Meet the authors and channels of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine and Light Technology Publishing. Learn about their lives and their dedication to delivering ever-expanding wisdom from the Natural World on Earth and the cosmic beyond.

Ep 1. Q & A and the Cosmic View: David Miller and the Group of Forty

Your questions are posed to Juliano – from 5th Dimensional Arcturus – and he responds with his eloquent cosmic view. We talk about when overt contact will occur, understanding other-dimensional realities, what lightworkers can do to help in the in-between time, how we can help the plants and animals, and much more! This is a new series entitled “Q & the Cosmic View.” Thank you to the listeners who submitted their questions via Facebook (Link below)! This is a podcast recorded via Skype. 

Podcast Produced by Eileen Meyer/Light Technology Publishing

David Miller’s Books at Light Technology Publishing

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The Group of Forty Website

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Transition music provided by Peter Sterling, “Arc of the Angels” from the companion CD to his book Hearing the Angels Sing


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