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Meet the authors and channels of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine and Light Technology Publishing. Learn about their lives and their dedication to delivering ever-expanding wisdom from the Natural World on Earth and the cosmic beyond.

Episode 13: Tom T Moore, Author and Channel

Author Tom T. Moore is based in Dallas, Texas, and has been a long-time international film and television program distributor. He is also a distributor of information that comes directly from his guardian angel and an ET named Antura. 

Tom has a regular column called "Benevolent Outcomes" in the Sedona Journal of Emergence! in which he shares his well-known and respected work with most benevolent outcomes (MBOs), a universal form of prayer. Both he and Journal readers share practices and outcomes that have resulted in a gentler, less stressful, and less fearful experiences in both their business and personal lives.

In this episode, learn how to use MBOs and listen to information given to Tom about dates and probablities for First Contact.

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Tom's books at Light Technology Publishing

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Tom's website and blog - The Gentle Way Book

Tom's Facebook page

Transition music provided by Peter Sterling, “Arc of the Angels” from the companion CD to his book Hearing the Angels Sing


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