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Meet the authors and channels of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine and Light Technology Publishing. Learn about their lives and their dedication to delivering ever-expanding wisdom from the Natural World on Earth and the cosmic beyond.

Episode 12: Pia Orleane, PhD, and Cullen Baird Smith

Idyllic childhoods on opposite coasts of the US eventually led to an old-fashioned romance that ignited on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. It wasn’t long before the cosmos initiated contact with the couple through a short-wave radio, and it quickly evolved into telepathy and channeling. Hear about the lives of Pia Orleane, PhD, and Cullen Baird Smith, co-authors and channels for Laarkmaa, a Pleiadian group dedicated to the evolution of humanity. Laarkmaa comes through with practical, insightful, and important information about making the shift and opening to new ways of communicating. Podcast Produced by Eileen Meyer/Light Technology Publishing

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Transition music provided by Peter Sterling, “Arc of the Angels” from the companion CD to his book Hearing the Angels Sing

And "Beloved" by Eileen Meyer.

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